Extreme acceleration in digital banking

and retail processes

Extreme acceleration in digital banking

and retail processes

Efficiency and speed using a single connection to your banking core

It is a cloud-native platform that supports:

  • Speeding up digital banking and retail construction processes
  • Managing, organizing and securing the interaction between the different players required for your solution
  • Immediate reaction to changes in your initial business model
  • Implementing new digital products in record time

About us

We are an international FinTech focused on developing technology
for the financial industry.

“We want to be a B Corporation”

Freedom to express ourselves, warmth, flexibility and work
autonomy are non-negotiable
values in our team.

Live the #FlexExperience!

Lots of remote work.
Salary Increase Policy (quarterly revision).
Split your vacation at your convenience and arrange. super-long holidays.
Customized training programs.
Learn and enjoy working with agile methodologies ;)
Monthly after office with the team.

FinTech Trainings

“We create spaces

to exchange knowledge
and share new trends”

#DigitalBanking #Fintech


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We have an international presence through our
operation hubs in Argentina and Colombia.