Live the #FlexExperience
Optimize your working day and
get extra time for yourself
Joinour team y and
grow in the Fintech Industry



we have been
challenging the
barriers of what
is conventional

We work with passion
and prioritize people:
team + clients

We help financial entities to
speed up their banking and digital
retail processes, including service
migration from the branch to the mobile.


We want to be the N°1 company in boutique financial service deployment in LATAM

“We want to be a B Corporation”

We are part of a new generation of companies in the search for transforming the global economy and redefining the way of doing business.

Working with a focus on the #TripleImpact is part of our philosophy.

We believe that success is not only about reaching economic objectives, it also consists of a socially active approach, without jeopardizing the resources of the planet we live in.

With this in mind, we have a management model that makes use of market strength to create a social and environmental impact.


Being horizontal is not just a bet; it is a way of feeling and being.

Team participation and inclusion in process-building and decision-making is in our essence.

We face great challenges and we have a dynamic working pace. This is why we focus on building a suitable environment to leverage the emotional and professional skills of each individual.

We feel proud of belonging to a super talented, warm and solidary team.

Manuel Picallo

CXO . Co-Founder

“We believe in the concept of companies as a means of making their members´ dreams come true.”

Silvana Nardulli

Scrum Master

“I found the flexibility to continue with my professional growth, at the same time I share more time with my family.”

Fede Piacentini

Dev - Technical Leader

“Quality code, team work and mutual support. That´s what makes us different!”

Nico Gentinetta

Communications Leader

“We are much more than just a company that works remotely.”

Flor Vitale

QA Specialist

“Flex gives you the chance of learning new things and working with modern technologies with a competitive position in the market.”

Gonza Iglesias

Product Leader

“Being horizontal is not just a bet; it is a way of feeling and being.”


We work with agile methodologies and the latest technologies








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We have an international presence through our
operation hubs in Argentina and Colombia.